Plebs & Fuckboys


The Experimental & Noise-Hop brainchild of Ripdae La Wise ( St.Croix, US Virgin Islands ) & Nickk Dropkick ( Waterloo, Ontario, Canada ).

Industrial, free instrumentals, spoken word, industrial beats, hip-hop, noise, and sampling from various movie one liners & documentary speeches.

"What our music means is basically an attempt to create sonic experimentation, to push the overton window for what people will listen to, to attempt to expand what noises people will actually take as music and what musical styles we can attempt to combine. The overall ethos of Plebs & Fuckboys is a transgressive and absurd one, seeking to make profane the sacrosanct, to make sacred the profane, and all between that to make absurd the commonalities between both."

Albums on Spettro:

SeenZone Blues ( 2016, Grey section )

Zulu Gestapo ( 2017, Grey section )

Discordia (2066) ( 2015, Grey section )