Ranter's Bay


While You Sleep ( 2014, Gray section )

Ranter's bay is the solo project by Niet F-n, sound artist born in Italy in 1978.

Niet F-n Official

Ranter's bay is a place.
An unreal and empty place.
It's the daviated and deviant crashed dream of a smashed body.
It's the constant personal research, obsessive and obsessed,
of a new sonic dimension.
It's a grey and distorted sound,
made by whispered voices and agonizing screams,
by fragments of noise,
by ethereal delay and deafening silences.
A nefarious place where seek refuge and hide,
far from lights and warm sources,
isolated and glacial,
unsafe and anomalous,
faint and ephemeral,
insensitive and senseless.
Ranter's bay is individualist dystopia which
disintegrate itself in the underground
to regenerate itself into boredom.