Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend

Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend is Joe Quinn and Christian Banfield's metal / grindcore band.


Had a Beby (2016, Orange section)

Emily (2014, Orange section)

"And after 2012, came ?.?.?. 2013" (2013, Bandcamp)

"This is our first album. It's only 15 minutes long so if you want to call it an EP knock yourself out.

The tracks are listed chronologically by when we recorded them. There's a lot of experimenting with recording going on here because of lack of access to the proper equipment, like using mics on video cameras, web cams, different editing software, other shit. The tracks were all made between July 2012 and March 2013. By the end of that time we started figuring our sound out more and also got our hands on some better equipment, so it seemed a good time to put out there what we've done so far. There are videos for many of these songs on Youtube, easy to find.

The picture used for the album cover is from a photo somebody took with Joe's phone after he left it in a bathroom somewhere, and we have no idea who it is. Perfect.

Lastly, your enjoyment of the songs will mostly be much greater if you look at the lyrics."

And the lyrics you can download here

Please , DO read them!

"Emily Rose"

"Your Are A Human"

"RD and Me"

"Low Guy, High Guy, Gay Guy,"


"Face Off"

"The Dog Is So Cute"

"Valar Morghulis"

"My Sister Has A Cold"