In 2015 Z'EV endowed the majority of his archive of live recordings, films, tapes, masters, radio shows and broadcasts, spanning from 1977 to today, to Nicola Boari, the man behind Spettro Records and the newly formed Associazione Culturale Ikigai.

This archive documents over 40 years of constant sonic, visual, linguistic and inner research, growth, chance, manipulation, transformation and birth. It is a semantic of change and nomadic sibylline flow. It is the incessant and ever incomplete walk of man to the impenetrable, overflowing, vociferous, charismatic, ascending and spiraling rhythm of the Light, the Gnosis of which is You.

Z'EV is a poet, percussionist, sound and video artist. He had the unique opportunity to attend CALARTS at the Villa Cabrini where he had first hand experience with aspects of Ewe, Balinese and South Indian music, and began personal relationships with various FLUXUS artists as well. Post CALARTS he concentrated on audio and visuals poetries that were presented in the emergent "Alternative Arts Space" era on the West Coast, culminating in his inclusion in "The Second Generation Show" at S.F.0s Museum of Conceptual Art in 1976. Concurrently he began developing a range of percussion instrument using post-industrial materials to produce a wide and deep range of acoustic phenomena. Although he holds no affinity to the genre, and its aftermath (Noise), he is regarded as a pioneer of industrial music.