SLP played in the group Salomè Lego Playset and therefore adopts its wording to understand that whatever may happen in his universe he can't detach from the life project which he found in Salome. He isn't a musician and has no technical skills nor funds to hide it. He works on ever failing attempts in his search for a sound which can be definite for him, first of all as an existential quest and that may sooner or later absorb him in its whirls and make him disappear. This sound doesn't materialize, it is reluctant because it is incapable of reproducing the shadows which roam in his mind. Thus he continues to make failing attempts at playing which nonetheless contain the echo of that ideal sound that he has always looked for. Once he has obtained this he will no longer need to search but only be silent.
Whether it's acoustic or digital doesn't matter, the source is always that vague echo in his limbs, which enchants him and promises that in the future encounter, if it ever takes place, he will at last be free to unconditionally express all of his being.
What he leaves for now are therefore gasps for a definite word which can give some sense to his life and welcome a finished silence.


Slp ( 2006, Black section / originally released on Noise Joy netlabel )

Sehnsucht ( 2007, on Dadaist Audio netlabel )

I Canneti Presbiteriani ( 2008, White section )

SLP + Austin Smith : TOYAMA VOIDILISM ( 2008, Black section )

La vita agra ( 2009, White section )

Austin Smith-SLP : The Dissolution of the Cube (2010, White section )

SLP : Deliverance of the Self (2010, Indigo section )

SLP : Structures Anthropologiques de l'Imaginaire de Familie (2010, Blue section )

SLP : Posthumous Possessions (2011, Green section )

SLP : A Ship Of Fools (2011, Yellow section )

She Was The Real Queen Of The 80s (2011, Green section)

Shithole ( 2011 ) (2011, Tapes section)

Live At Radio Kairos ( 2012 ) ( Gatti Rossi Che Cadono )

Things That Make You Go Hmmm ( C+C Music Factory Remix ) ( 2013 ) ( on Selva Elettrica netlabel )

Wake ( 2012 ) ( Santos / available for free download here too )

Journey to the North ( 2012 ) ( Gentle Junk netlabel )

DJ Balli + Ralph Brown + SLP & Elia Dalla Casa - Live at NUB ( 2012, Rainbow section )

Slp + Indch Libertine : Cannibal Before You ( 2013, Black section )

SLP + Gabriel Introvini + DJ Balli + Stufa - A Serious Study On Female Masturbation ( 2013, Rainbow section )

Commandos In Action ( SHIT NOISE RECORDS ) ( 2013 )

As All The Others Disappear ( 2013 - free download )

Katharsis ( 2014, with Maria Jikuuuuuuuuuu / Go Tsushima / Ioioi; Blue section )

Emperor Tomato Ketchup ( Red section - Co-released with Toxic Industries )

"Through Your Words My Heart Will Sing" (2016, Black section)

MU (2018, Gray section)

A Kingdom of Regret (2018, Black section)

As male.resistance:

SR151: male.resistance | "Terminal Sleep" (2016, Black section)

SR161: Resonancedj + male.resistance | "Pesantezza" (2016, Gray section)

SR197: male.resistance | "Army of Small Cocks" (2018, Gray section)


SR202: AROKIN | "NES EP" (2018, Pink section)

SR203: AROKIN | "1985" (2018, Pink section)


SR205: AROKIN | "SLEEPLESS ARCADE" (2018, Pink section)

SR206: AROKIN | "Il Sangue Cattivo" (2018, Pink section)