Joke Win

"I re-edited a Richard Simmons workout video to some better music, then dubbed over the original tape and put it back on the shelf at the Salvation Army I'd gotten it from. The next week my friend Puma's friend had bought it and brought it home. Puma recognized my handiwork and we had us some laughs and then put it back on the shelf again. I made a lot of things like that around the same time, where I altered movies and put them back on the shelf at a store, and then I would delete my source material so it would just be this one rare thing for some stranger to find. I was sort of going off the deep end at the time, I mean that's a lot of work with nothing to show for it, but I saved this one for some reason. So, a few years later I broke it up into pieces for the songs I used and here you go."

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Richard Simmons - Dan Deacon

Richard Simmons - Pig Destroyer

Richard Simmons - Onyx

Richard Simmons - Flesh Parade

Richard Simmons - Full Blown Aids

Richard Simmons - Full Blown Aids 1

Richard Simmons - Full Blown Aids 2

Richard Simmons - Full Blown Aids 3

"I had talked to Seth Putnam about a year earlier and he had told me basically that I should feel free to use whatever I wanted of his stuff in my videos, so three of these are set to Full Blown AIDS songs, which is sort of like Anal Cunt except Seth also plays bass in it. I heard from one of his relatives after he died that he laughed his ass off at these videos so mission accomplished as far as I'm concerned. I also used without asking permission, songs by Flesh Parade, Pig Destroyer, Onyx, and former friend Dan Deacon. Much later, Flesh Parade found the one I used their shit for and was really into it, put it on their page and as of now that one's got more hits than anything else I've put online (which is funny to me cuz in my opinion I have less gimmicky videos that are much better but I'll take what I can get)."

"These videos were finished in April of 2005, and were made in New Paltz, New York."