AROKIN + Angelo Bignamini | “#07042018 - Cotidie Morimur ” SR204

Type: TAPE
Location: Italy
Date: 27 April 2019
Tracks: 2
Genre: Electroacoustic, Tape manipulation
Released by Nausea. and Spettro Records

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Z'EV + Stefano Pilia | “Live at XM24” SR160

Type: mp3 / TAPE
Location: Bologna, Italy
Date: performed on 13th May 2010 / released on 13th May 2017
Tracks: 5
Genre: Improvisation

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Z'EV + Stefano Pilia | “Live at XM24” SR160

Recorded Live @ XM24 on 13th May 2010, Bologna, Italy, for Spettro Records' Inauguration Party

For TAPE version, visit Spettro Records' Discogs store
Released by Associazione Culturale Ikigai and Spettro Records

released May 13, 2017
Guitar : Stefano Pilia
Percussions: Z'EV
Artwork: Elia Dalla Casa
Photo: Nicola Antolini

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SLP | “Shithole” SR078

Type: mp3 / TAPE ( limited edition in Fluoxetine/Prozac used box )
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Tracks: 2
Duration: 0:22:00
Genre: Harsh Noise/Depression/Anxiety/Prozac/Meds/Richard Pryor
Section: Black

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Tape comes in Fluoxetine ( also known by trade names Prozac and Sarafem among others, an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class ) box. Limited edition but boxes kept piling up as I keep feeling like shit and my anxiety and depression are getting worse. Now on Lamotrigine, so just tell me if you really feel like owning an empty Lamictal box is best for you. Collecting the boxes was fun at the time (2011, if you're lucky there also may be some Citalopram) but it doesn't feel so great anymore, as I have passed my 30s, accomplished nothing and feel awful all the time. Tapes are shitty used ones, you never know what I might have dubbed them over, could be Vasco Rossi, Marco Masini, Windsor for the Derby or some other romantic compilation Mister Drey might have made 15 years ago. Low quality, dirty low fi noise, with Richard Pryor samples from "The Wino and the Junkie" unfunny and depressing sketch.

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Francesco Fusaro | “Manchu Suite” SR138

Type: mp3 / TAPE ( limited edition of 31 copies! )
Location: Italy/London
Date: 2016
Tracks: 1
Duration: 0:30:42
Genre: ambient, electronics, sampling, suite, plunderphonics
Section: Violet

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Tape available down here!

Price is 8 euros plus shipping, limited edition of 31 copies.

Limited Cassette Edition + Delivery Options

"In these last three months came the idea of producing an "ambient" album, by using the technique which best suits me: sampling. The challenge would be in using sounds taken from various sources other than my own, in spending the least amount of time possible producing ( there are just 2 sound layers ), in using only samples from albums that I have here available in London ( the only exception being the orchestral closing which actually are some stams that had been in my hard drive for years ), and finally spending the smallest amount of time possible on the tracks themselves. At the beginning I thought of these as separate moments of an ideal soundtrack for and imaginary book or play. Then one day was raining and I just left my phone recording the sound of the rain pouring down and forgot all about it. I then decided to use that very field recording as background for the tracks which than became a single composition. Within it there are reverse sounds, scratched or reverbed or filtered through a wah-wah ( or anyway manipulated on the single track ). Each episode is thus the result of a plunderphonic manipulation process carried out on every single sample".

"In questi tre mesi l'idea di produrre un album di 'ambient music' utilizzando la tecnica che mi è più congeniale: il campionamento. La sfida consisteva in questo: nulla di prodotto da me, il minimo del lavoro in fase di produzione (ci sono al massimo due layer di suono), solo campioni da dischi che ho qui a Londra (ad eccezione della chiusa orchestrale, degli stems che avevo nel mio hard disk da anni), il minimo tempo impiegato sui singoli brani. Inizialmente li pensavo come movimenti separati di un'ideale colonna sonora per un libro o uno spettacolo teatrale. Poi un giorno pioveva, ho messo il mio cellulare a registrare il rumore della pioggia e me ne sono dimenticato. Così ho deciso di usare quel field recording come sfondo per i brani che sono diventati in tal modo un'unica composizione. Dentro ci sono suoni in reverse, o stretchati o riverberati o con wah-wah (o soggetti a mutazioni multiple sulla singola traccia). Ogni episodio è dunque il frutto di un lavoro di manipolazione plunderphonica eseguito su un singolo campione."

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Z'EV | “A Maze Sing Wave” SR130

Type: Tape + Digital copy on Bandcamp
Location: U.S.A.
Date: 2015
Tracks: 4
Duration: 46 minutes
Genre: binary acoustics
Section: Tapes
Artwork: Akis Karanos
Price: 8 euros

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Tape + Shipping

Recorded in Sasso Marconi, Bologna, at John Duncan's residence, “A Maze Sing Wave” is Z'EV's latest work, especially composed for Spettro records.

It's needless to say what an honor it is to host Z'EV on Spettro, an artist I so much admire and that has so strongly made Spettro Records' history. It was him who played for Spettro's opening concert back in 2010, and it his him who will continue forging its destiny and giving us strength.

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Simone D'Annunzio | “s l o w” SR122

Type: tape + mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2015
Duration: 01:00:00
Tracks: 5
Genre: ambient, abyss, a slow descent into the depths of sleep)))))))))))))))
Section: Ochre

Free download (mp3)

"s l o w" è un'unica armonia costruita dal rumore. Non è un disco, bensì un esperienza che proietta l’ascoltatore verso un solenne e lento viaggio nell’a b i s s o.
E’ il passaggio dal reale all’irreale, è un otto sdraiato che diventa infinito.
Manipolare i drammi in direzioni allegre.

"S L O W" is a unique harmony built around noise. It's not an album, but an experience bringing the listener towards a slow and solemn journey into the A B Y S S.
It is the passage from the real to the unreal, it is a lying 8 becoming the infinite.
Manipulating tragedy into joyful directions.

Kokkala | “Antifantasioviosi” SR117

Type: Tape + Digital copy on Bandcamp
Location: Greece
Date: 2015
Track: 9
Genre: noise/ambient/experimental - "a travesty of audio pop culture aesthetics"
Section: red
Price: 4 euros
Free download

Tape + Shipping

Antifantasioviosi (a merge of the words fantasy and antibiotics)
is a rock opera of insufficiency, a Modus ponens of anarchic composition, true punk attitude and insignificant intentions.

Playing with the banality of a pop rock "hit" and the idea of creating art in order to be absorbed, praised, welcome, bought,
'Liked' in general,
deforming it's structure, replacing guitar solos with commercial cultural elements,
vocals with wind burns, heart warming catchy lyrics with field recordings of situations, melody with absurdness,
using arythmic drum sequences, keyboards played with feet while breaking eggs, recording sessions
disrupted by friends calling via mobile phones and poetic titles, the "against" now "becomes".

A travesty of audio pop culture aesthetics -a travesty as an entity, a beautiful unruly rich alive, playful entity who doesn't

All recordings took place July and August 2014 in Thessaloniki and mountain Olympus Greece.
Akis Karanos ( Tumblr )
Voula Frasiola
guests: George Zahos
Anestits Tetsuo

Umanzuki | “Tropical Nature of Tiaso” SR104

Type: tape @ mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2014
Duration: 00:33:48
Tracks: 2
Genre: free form, live impro, live, tropical orgiastic introspection?
Section: indigo ( released together with Lemming Records and Hysm? )
Price: 6 euros ( mp3s are FREE for download )

Tape 6 euros + Shipping

Free download

Live @ CSA Next Emerson

"Started up as a jazzcore trio, passed through the mix of psychedelic and electric free jazz of their second EP, Sonic Birds, nowadays the group Umanzuki flash everyone and with their new album, "Tropical nature of Tiaso", They definitely dissolve their last rock sound in a long sparkling improvisation made of delicate electronic variation, languid and liquid sounds, reduced synthetic rhythms and far memories, for a record that sounds like a tropical island where suddenly sank a very deep dark.
Already at work on a new LP, coming out next year, Umanzuki listen and absorb in a omnivorous way and they are the young, adventurous and credible band that we expected." ( from Lemming Records )

Simone D'Annunzio | "Death's Amore" - SR106

Type: Tape
Location: Italy
Date: 23/04/2014
Duration: Side A : 00:45:00 //////// Side B : 00:45:00
Genre: Harsh Noise
Section: Black
Price: 3 euro ( SIDE A is FREE for download )

Side A Free Download


SLP + DJ Balli+Stufa+Gabriel Introvini | "A Serious Study On Female Masturbation! - SR069 ( of course )
Type: tape ( mp3 with purchase ) in prehistoric vhs case. Italian sleazy torn comics inside. Artwork by Matteo Linari and anal art by Tisbor

Location: Italy / Argentina
Date: 2013
Duration: 01:30: ditalini
Side A: Gabriel Introvini - DJ Balli - Stufa
Side B: Stufa - SLP
Tracks: 35
Genre: porn soundtrack - jungle fever - exotica digitalia - analogue macumba - demonic possession - sexy - sleaze
Section: Rainbow of orgasmz

Spettro Records and Vizio Audio Productions is happy to present you with: A Serious Study On Female Masturbation.
Films long gone, all that remains are the super sleazy and sexy soundtracks composed and performed by improvisation collective Stufa, lonely onanist Slp, hit dj DJ Balli, and mysterious Argentian Gabriel Introvini. Enjoy this extra serious and in depth study on female masturbatory habits, in pure mondo style.

Kottbusserdamm Terror Corpse | "KTC Worldwide" SR081

Type: Tape
Location: Berlin
Date: :-)
Duration: Side A : 00:09:43 //////// Side B : 00:09:59
Track: 2 ( side A Kotty Core - side B Commentary Core )
Section: Glad To Be Still Alive - Rainbow
Price: 5 euro

Produced with Half Theory label , Kottbusserdamm Terror Corpse is Karl Kotti + Carl Corpse.
Shitcore biatch.
Thanks to DJ ShluchT, Berlin Speedcore, and Dr Alban.

Mp3s are available for free download upon purchase!

Tape ( 4 euros ) + Shipping

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