Brain Fog | “The Weedzard” SR215

Type: mp3
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: 4 March, 2020
Tracks: 2
Genre: stoner, sludge, doom metal
Section: Orange

Free download

Recorded at Stringbean Studios and The Chorizo Chapel 2019

Artwork: Ally Parsons

Blaze up and play loud

Released February 22, 2020

Stefane Samson - Vocals/Guitar

Mitch Hines - Drums

Shane Wilkie - Bass (from Keith Doom & The Wrecking Crew)

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Keith Doom And The Wrecking Crew | “Malt Water Party EP” SR196

Type: mp3
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: November 8, 2018
Tracks: 6
Genre: punk, rock'n'roll, hardcore, punkrock
Section: orange

Free download

from Sydney, Nova Scotia

Keith Doom and The Wrecking Crew are a rock and roll band. A really fucking hard rock and roll band. Keith Doom and The Wrecking Crew is the result of five adventurous boys who want to show the world their hardcore loins. Together they will rise to the top and spread their delicious rock and roll to the world

keith doom - vocals
tanner leudy - guitar/vocals
shane wilkie - bass/vocals
kenzie cameron - drums
leech jessome & travis morrison - backing vocals

Recorded at broken clock studios 2016
artwork - kenzie cameron

Released August 25, 2016

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Achievements | “Digital Caliphate” SR185

Type: mp3
Location: anywhere a Regime shall rule
Date: April 5, 2018
Tracks: 10
Genre: digital hardcore, propaganda music, anthems, educational music, music for the masses, punk
Section: orange

Free download

S E L F - R E L I A N C E

We support any regimes, any authoritarian patriarchal chauvinistic dogmatic ultra-orthodox oppressive anti-democratic oligarchical plutocratic elitarian monarchical abusive military rightful identitarian nationalistic bolshevik illiberal patronizing nihilist absolutist totalitarian despotic autocratic fanatical terroristic tyrannical feudal aristocratic nepotist czarist ideological utopistic coercive police one-sided government a few imposes on the many.
We believe man must submit to a greater force in order to reach its full potential and for a new humanity to be born.
Secular and religious power must be in the hands of an enlightened absolute monarch to whom the masses will submit and entrust their own selves.
"Digital Caliphate" is a manifesto for all those regimes juntas monarchies oligarchies aristocracies theocracies netocracies plutocracies kraterocracies stratocracies timocracies technocracies brotherhoods kritarchies ergatrocracies nepotocracies kleptocracies anocracies burocracies cybersynacies thalassocracies which do not currently find proper and fair representation in the musical and performative arts, unlawfully capitulated to the deceits of Western crooked liberal perverse culture.
This is music inspired and for great men, thinkers and leaders.
This is music as a weapon of propaganda.

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The Parts | “New Paltz Days” SR182

Type: mp3
Location: US
Date: April 23, 2013
Tracks: 13
Genre: hardcore, keeping your shit together
Section: orange

Free download

Released 22 April 2013

It's basically what I call all the shit I've done with various different people that either wasn't part of an official band, or was part of an idea for a project that never went any farther than a couple tracks. A lot of the recordings are from times when I couldn't really keep anything together.

Dennis Ryan is on every track except for 1 and 12. Adam Endres is on tracks 4, 5 and 12. Tracy Ryan, Ian McNaughton and Jeremaih Bornfield are on tracks 4 and 5 which were recorded live. Kat Byrne and Josh Kelberman are on tracks 11 and 12 and track 12 is about Kat, who I later married.

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Salomè Lego Playset | “Studio Album” SR178

Type: mp3
Location: Bologna, Italy
Date: 2006
Tracks: 8
Genre: ugly Boredoms wannabe late teenagers
Section: orange

Free download

Live version @ XM24, 12/05/2005 with CUT and a featuring with Sir Willy Tattoo: Free download

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Dyslexic Fudgicle / Gefilte Fist | “Impossible Doors” SR174

Type: mp3
Location: Boston, Massachusetts / San Diego, CA
Date: August 14, 2017
Duration: 01:09:51
Tracks: 31
Genre: grindcore, hardcore, punk, heavy metal, pus infested hair guitar meth-head stripper fest
Section: orange

Free download

"Garbage!" is what some people might refer to this split EP as, which features two of the East Coast's most revulsed experimental bands. Over an hour of sounds, defying any one genre.

DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE is an experimental metal band originally from Massachusetts. As of 2016, two of the original members have reunited on the East Coast (Massachusetts and Rhode Island), and are now joined by drummer, Grond, and production assistant The Hardest Core. They were also briefly joined by bathtub-dweller, King Divitt the Luscious and Kazhlar the Blue, former lead guitarist for The Freeze. "D.F." have been making music for 14 years now, but they claim to have been around since the Civil War. They are best known for their stage shows, which involves hurling cheeseburgers into the crowd.

GEFILTE FIST refer to themselves as "worthless musical garbage that only weirdos like." Hailing from Tampa, Florida, Gefilte Fist has been creating "complex compositions, and diverse lyrical motifs drawing heavily on science fiction, gravy, bacon, sausage, stupidity and philosophy" since 2004. This two-man act are known for their humorous, genre-bending sound and innovative use of samples. "I guess." They are believed to be the world record holders for having the "Most Songs About Sausage."


Dyslexic Fudgicle is
DF's side produced in part by Samuel Willgoose at Murderbox Studio, Boston MA and in part by Dyslexic Fudgicle in the cities of Sandwich MA, Pawtucket RI, San Francisco CA & Austin TX.
Additional production by Yanni DiNingwie Thunder on "Drunkoncraich", San Diego, CA.
Mixed/Mastered by Samuel Willgoose (Boston MA) & Nickelsack Divinorum (Cape Cod MA/Westerly, RI)
Ugly Butler (the artist formerly known as G. Burgermeister) - Vocals, Guitar
Nickelsack Divinorum - Bass, Vocals, Drum Machine, Guitar, Synth, Samples
Grond - Drums
The Hardest Core - Lead Laptop
Lead guitar on Olneyfish & Planet Hitler by Kazhlar the Blue
"Grotesque Digestion" music, arrangement & lyrics by Kazhlar the Blue
Guitar on "Hell Sex" by Joe Bonelli
Additional spoken part on "Hell Sex" by Melissa McNichol
Additional guitar and arrangement on "50.SHA(I)D3S" by D. Math
Harmonica on "Grotesque Digestion" by W.K. "Party Hard" Mahler
Lead Guitar on 'BTS by King Divitt the Luscious
Guitar on Drunkoncraich by Yanni DiNingwie Thunder
Additional writing/arrangement on Planet Hitler by Emilio
Gefilte Fist's side produced by Gefilte Fist, Tampa FL.
Mixed by Gefilte Fist
Mastered by Nickelsack Divinorum


Peter Norvaisas
Matt Munday
Additional spoken part on "Laura Eye" by Laura Eye
To hear more, go to
Album Art/Layout by Contempt Media

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Dyslexic Fudgicle | “Undisputed Fattitude Vol.1” SR174

Type: mp3
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date: August 14, 2017
Duration: 00:14:00
Tracks: 7
Genre: grindcore, hardcore, punk, heavy metal, pus infested hair guitar meth-head stripper fest
Section: orange

Free download

6-song Punk Rock cover EP


DF is:
Ugly Butler - vocals, guitar
Nickelsack D. - bass, vocals, synth
Grond - drums

Additional guitar on tracks 2, 3, 6 & 7* by Kazhlar the Blue
Additional vocals on 3 and guitar samples on 1 & 4 by King Divitt the Luscious

Cover photo by Ugly Butler
Special thanks to George Johnson

Produced by Nickelsack & Dyslexic Fudgicle, Pawtucket RI 2017
(additional production took place in Sandwich, MA & Austin TX 2015-2016)
Mixed/Mastered by Nickelsack, Westerly RI 2017

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Your Marginally Talented Girlfriend | “Had a Beby” SR149

Type: aiff
Location: U.S.
Date: 2016
Tracks: 6
Genre: Grindcore, hardcore, cybergrind, growl, having a beby
Section: orange

Free download

LYRICS INCLUDED!!! Featuring unforgettable quotes such as, "ahdum pakanoo
vudenasha vudavey
muduht vaih
aaa aaaat
vudebakaduh vudebakalooloo eegahdabay anyvou
aaaaaaa aaaaa
i've made up my mind
Weird shit. When a photographer girlfriend, who is only marginally talented, meets a radio, fuck and take photos of each other, they then have a beby. A beby radio.

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Mita VS Mita? |“Split” SR147

Type: mp3
Location: Finland
Date: 2012/15
Duration: and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
Tracks: 31
Mita: digital grindcore/punk/hardcore/teenage riot/early boredoms/chaos
Mita?: abstract / noise / obscure post-shitcore / harsh noise / avant-garde noise
Section: orange

Free download

Music to blow your shit out.

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Dyslexic Fudgicle |“Dyslexic Fudgicle [2015 Re?-?Release]” SR134

Type: mp3
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Date: 2015 ( Releases + bonus tracks)
Track: 17
Genre: Heavy Metal / Punk / Hardcore / Speedmetal / Grind / death metal / Rock'n'Roll!!!
Section: orange

Free download

Production for this album took place between September 2005 to March 2006, and it was Dyslexic Fudgicle's first studio recording. It was the most experimental project to date, and it was helmed by engineer/guitarist Yanni DiNingwie Thunder. The band was aided by many other contributors, friends, and people who happened to stop by during the recording process. Unorthodox methods were employed for recording, such as having a drummer freestyling first, then placing guitars over afterward. Other songs were improvised altogether. One hundred copies were pressed to CD in the Summer of 2006. In 2015, new recordings were made (with DiNingwie returning on lead guitar) to commemorate the album's 10th anniversary. The band has revised the listening experience and also included B-Sides and re-recordings from the same time period.

(DF_LP03.1) - Contempt Media 2015

DYSLEXIC FUDGICLE (on this recording was):

G. Burgermeister - vocals, guitar, bass, cowbell, plague
Riki V. Stormrider (2003 - 2010) - lead guitar, bass, vocals
Nickelsack Divinorum - co-producer, rhythm guitars, bass, vocals, drums, cowbell, synth, updated samples/arrangement (2015)
Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (2005 - 2008, 2015) - producer, lead guitar, acoustics, bass, drums, flute, additional percussion, backup vocals, synth

guest musicians from the 2005 sessions:

McAllen O'Doom - drums
Bon Thompson - drums, guitar, backup vocals, Baby Ruth
G-Vac - additional samples and "trippy" instrumentation/sequencing
Nate Bringer - vocals
Drewcifer - backup vocals
Furius Freddie - vocals and additional production on "Blunted"


G. Burgermeister
Nickelsack Divinorum

Recorded: 9/05 - 3/06 @ "DiNingwie's Place" - Lunenburg MA and The Jam Spot, Fitchburg MA. "Rock n' Roll (2008)" recorded in Yarmouth MA/San Diego, CA, 2008. 2015 sessions recorded in Austin, TX/San Diego, CA/Providence, RI, 2015.

Produced by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder
(except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum, G. Burgermeister & Yanni DiNingwie Thunder)
Co-Produced by: Nickelsack Divinorum, G. Burgermeister
Additional Production: G-Vac, Furius Freddie
Mixed by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum)
Mastered by: Yanni DiNingwie Thunder (except bonus tracks, by Nickelsack Divinorum)
Layout by: Contempt Media
2015 "Fudgicle" Logo (Tattoo) by Ian Bederman (Instagram: @wonkytiger)

* "Dradle of Ruth" written and brainstormed in a chocolate-driven frenzy by Mike Dantini; Music performed and arranged by Bon Thompson. Additional bass: DiNingwie, Samples: Nickelsack

"Can't You Feel Me Rockin'" originally appeared on "Fat and Alive: Defenders of the Auspicious Calorie" [2005]
"Rock n' Roll" originally appeared on "We're No Stratovarius" [2003]
"Dawn Leather" originally appeared on "The Wafflehammer Murders" [2009]
"Fetus Hat" previously unreleased

Special thanks to Yanni DiNingwie Thunder for returning to help with this project. Brian Reddin, Dean Johnson for providing a drum kit and everyone who helped work on this project. Thank you to everyone who's stuck with us.

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew |“Potholes - EP” SR126

Type: mp3
Location: Nova Scotia - Canada
Date: 2015
Duration: 00:16:00
Track: 5
Genre: punk, hardcore, wasted sludgepunk
Section: orange

Free download

Debut EP recorded at Caper Radio by Matthew Burke. A true bastion of Canadian punk. Tape available on Gorecyst Records and free download here too

Released 19 May 2015

Nathan Hines as Keith Doom - Vocals
Anthony "Tanner" Leudy - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Cyrus Robertson Orkish - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Shane Wilkie - Bass
Kenzie Cameron - Drums

Some really nice guys - Backing Vocals

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend |“Emily” SR103

Type: mp3
Location: U.S.A.
Date: 2014
Duration: 00:10:00
Track: 4
Genre: grind core - thrash - hardcore - noisegrind - cybergrind
Section: orange

Free download

We recorded these tracks in the summer of 2013. Christian got some better gear for his guitar, Joke bought a used accordion to throw in the mix, and we also spent longer on mixing than we did on the first album. Otherwise our methods were similar to last time (see last album's description) and we are still broke and pretty cut off from the music world.  We intended for this album to be longer, but a bunch of setbacks slowed things down (like Joke's apartment flooding through the ceiling with water and mouse-poop at the end of that summer). Eventually we decided our next round of material is probably going to sound different enough that this stuff should be an album on its own. The only complaint we really have this time though is we wish the tracks were louder (still have a bit to figure out about mastering) so like, just turn it up.

Christian Banfield: guitars, drum programming, mixing
Joke Win: vocals, lyrics, accordion, mixing, videos
Thanks to: Dennis Ryan for help with the album cover, Spettro Records for promoting this album on their recent sampler.

Our albums are under Creative Commons License


Type: mp3
Location: Japan
Date: 2013
Duration: 00:02:33
Track: 1 ( single )
Genre: grind core - thrash - hardcore
Section: orange

Free download

Extreme hardcore angst from Ibaraki ( Japan ).

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Van Halen |“Return To The 36 Chambers” SR085

Van Halen |“The Big Lebowski” SR085

Type: mp3
Location: USA
Date: Late 2000s
Duration: The Big Lebowski - 00:05:35
Tracks: 3
Duration: Return To The 36 Chambers - 00:03:99
Tracks: 16

Genre: Improvisational ukulele grind core - live - van halen guitar tricks
Section: orange

Free download - Both Albums

Live recordings from Van Halen, one of Joke Win's early projects : "screaming nonsense sounds, with occasional obscenities, with the AIDS of an ukulele."

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Rated R |“Some live songs from the early 2000s” SR082

Type: mp3
Location: USA
Date: early 2000s
Duration: 00:0(???????)?
Track: 12
Genre: Improvisational grind core
Section: orange

Free download

Live recordings from Rated R, one of Joke Win's early projects : "screaming nonsense sounds, with occasional obscenities."

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Cervo |“EP - 2009” SR073

Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2009
Duration: 00:06:45
Track: 3
Genre: Punk Hardcore
Section: orange

Free download

Second instalment by Italian hardcore band Cervo. It's hunting season.

Artwork by Martina Merlini.

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

Achievements |“From Pix To G” SR030

Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2010
Duration: endless but always too short
Track: 32
Genre: a videogame about GG Allin and Duke Nukem fighting against the Reptilian conspiracy
Section: orange

Free download

Achievements have decided to dedicate this futuristic album to the perseverance of the status quo. No changes are possible or accepted, DVDs are banned and VCRs become 3d doors to a world of virtual reality. Bald compositions of old school hardcore and angst of the 90es, the doom generation isn't Araki's, but the endless arcades through which teenagers fight wargames against evil aliens coming to destroy the world as we know it. This albums is a MANIFESTO, of a future always to come, that of virtual VCRS, of Duke Nukem sequel, of Time Cop and Don the Dragon Wilson heroic ventures into the criminal age of hackers. The album also features precious featurings, those of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, agent Murphy from Robocop, Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, Marinetti and Majakovski, and many, many more.
From Pix to G also includes a very very important autobiographical pdf booklet by Slp and with a forword by Mister Drey, the masterminds of Achievements, explaining its philosophy and various achievements conquered in the years, which are of course many many.
Please read it while listening, it will make a much more 3d experience for you.

Our albums are under Creative Commons License

WHY | “We Hate You” SR023

Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2011
Duration: 0:52:00
Track: 11
Genre: experimental, disco perversions, visions of apocalypse
Section: orange

Free download

we have been watching human kind for ages
wondering why they are so keen on destroying themselves…
we have witnessed their wisdom perish,
we have have stared at them torturing each other,
we have grieved for their twisted souls,
we have mourned their dying planet,
we have flown across time and space seeking
desperately an unknown entity to punish them
but in the end we surrendered to their unbeatable evil nature…

hopeless dark angels, we came back to whisper our song to them:
“human kind is a crime: we hate you!”

abbiamo osservato il genere umano per secoli
chiedendoci come mai fosse così incline all'autodistruzione
abbiamo il suo sapere morire
l'abbiamo osservato mentre torturava i suoi simili
abbiamo sofferto per la sua mente distorta
abbiamo pianto il suo pianeta morente
abbiamo volato attraverso il tempo e lo spazio
cercando disperatamente un'entità che lo punisse
ma alla fine ci siamo arresi alla sua imbattibile natura malvagia

come angeli neri senza speranza, siamo tornati per sussurrargli la nostra canzone:
"l'umanità è un crimine: noi vi odiamo!".

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Type: mp3
Location: Finland
Date: 2010
Duration: 00:47:01
Track: 7
Genre: harsh noise
Section: orange

Free download

"Eyewitness protection program is a compilation of  tracks made in 2010 which did not fit or did not find place in other releases of that year. They represent a variety of Salakapakka Sound System sound: from dark & dirty ambient to guitar improvisation and pure noise with elements of thrash metal and even hardcore techno. This time Salakapakka Sound System used digital and analog synths, found sounds, samples, guitar & found objects."


Type: mp3
Location: Spain
Date: 2009
Duration: 00:35:04
Track: 15
Genre: sex, drugs and rock'n'roll
Section: orange

Free download

First album by Dememphis, solitary rock'n'roll abuser from Spain.

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