Plebs & Fuckboys | "Selected Works: Volume 1 (2019)” SR208

Date: 13 March, 2019
Genre: hiphop, spoken word, industrial, noise-hop
Tracks: 16
Section: Gray

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Selected works Volume 1 is the first instalment in a series covering some of the best and most challenging and controversial material from Plebs & Fuckboys, the experimental & noise-hop brainchild of Ripdae La Wise & Nickk Dropkick.

Industrial, free instrumentals, spoken word, industrial beats, hip-hop, noise, and sampling from various movie one liners & documentary speeches.

Sarana / Orqan | "Split (2019)” SR201

Date: 26 January, 2019
Genre: noise, drone
Tracks: 3
Length: 00:34:56
Section: Gray

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Orqan is an impro-music project from Liguria, Italy formed in 2016.
Usually a trio, sometimes it performs as a duo or solo artist.
Its sound is in between noise, drone and dark ambient.
Every performance (studio or live) is unique and improvised in both sounds and instruments:
strings, microphones, drum machines are filtered and processed in a constantly changing stream of sound.

Sarana is a dark ambient/experimental group from Samarinda, East Kalimantan,
Indonesia, formed on May 14 th 2015 by Annisa Maharani, Istanara Julia Saputri
and Sabrina Eka Felisiana. In every performance, Sarana tries to explore different
kind of sound sources from electronic and acoustic elements, adding some
spoken words to create an emotional connection.

The idea of the split came out in early 2017 when one of orqan's members met Sarana while touring Indonesia with his other band, having a first experience with the Indonesian noise scene.
After that meeting, they decide to create a connection and join their forces in a split records.
This split couldn't be possible without the help from Indra Menus, Sean Stellfox (Noise Bombings), Nicola Boari (Spettro Records), Franky Ciliegia (Dreamingorilla Records) and Zarinka Soiko, who made the artwork.

Plebs & Fuckboys | "Discordia (2066)” SR191

Date: October 9th, 2015
Genre: juxhop, outsider rap, experimental
Tracks: 6
Length: 00:34:56
Section: Gray

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Hado Navarro | "Karma Chaos” SR183

Date: 2017
Genre: noise, cut-up, musique concrete, dreamachine, experimental
Tracks: 1
Length: 00:34:56
Section: Gray

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Chaos. Black mass. Horizon of events. Redder.

6128F | "Hardwired Hate Server” SR172

Date: 14 September 2017
Genre: Italian Industrial Hardcore Cyberpunk Odyssey
Tracks: 1
Length: 00:34:56
Section: Gray

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The day man retaliated against the yoke of machines. And lost. And that was it. Man was no longer, drowned in an ocean of dust, ruins, bones and dead circuits. And no life served the earth no more. Machines had no one to control them, hence nothing to control. And the machines stopped on a standby and all networks froze and a gray dawn shone over a lifeless earth, a soil that would grow no more.

Plebs & Fuckboys | "Zulu Gestapo” SR159

Type: mp3
Location: St.Croix, US Virgin Islands & Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Date: November 19th, 2016
Genre: trap, emo rap, weird hiphop, meth, Donald Trap, gothic waifu lolita
Tracks: 15
Duration: 00:44:09
Section: Gray

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We don't know what the future holds, and with that in mind this may very well be the final Plebs & Fuckboys album. Random side note: The album artwork for this may be temporary if not permanent.

released November 19, 2016

Track 1 (You Can't Rap to This: A random freestyle. Each sentence contains a story which is made up of a collective story.
Track 2 (A Chokin' Howard: A fan fiction tale about Howard the Duck (A marvel comics character) being kidnaped by crazed liberals & then attacked at a crazed liberal dinner, where he is slowly losing his life in their bathroom.
Track 3 (Please Go Rape Them Donny Trump: One verse and a chorus that highlights and discusses both sides of the "Trump is/isn't a rapist" spectrum.
Track 4 (The Stereo Forum Affect: Vocals about being in a specific room of ideals etc that changes throughout the vibe of the instrumental.
Track 5: A jazzy 'party song' about metaphorical arson.
Track 6: (Breakin' of Eggs: A story about a certain collective of sperm cells' quest/wish of transforming from a sperm into a human being. A want to 'get a face' because they're tired or bored of being faceless.
Track 7: You Missed Kanamara Matsuri: Narration about someone missing a flight to Japan during Kanamara Matsuri season.
Track 8: (Stirner Soft: It is inspired by the existence of DC comics' Mr. Mxy & his dimensional travels. The song discusses stepping in a "farmer's planet patch" and then some, which could be interpreted as stepping in a God's uni or multiverse
Track 9: (The Jacobin Club: A theme song made for a vertical & horizontal collectivist response and coexistence with the Jacobin Club in mind.
Track 10: (Québécois: complemented with Matthew McConaughey vocals of a scene from a season of True Detective, I discuss memories and vaulted ideas & vault dwelling in a metaphorical and serious 'I search through time capsules' sense.
Track 11: (Ugly Because Sad: A song inspired by reading a "people who died while taking selfies" article. I discuss how certain folks are thirsty for a certain attention online while their fan base is thirsty to enable them.
Track 12: (A Guilty Angel's Thesis: Pretty much self explanatory with the title, featuring amusing clips from Dick Gregory and Lenny Bruce (two of my favorite comedians of all time)
Track 13: (Paik: inspired by the existence of the legendary surrealist glitch artist 'Paik'. In this song I discuss my relationship with television. "I watched you up close as you flashed me" means "So yeah, I had shit eye vision since I could remember and without the right vision help I zoom into the television just to see what's going on"

So yeah, the tv flashed me.

6128F vs Enjoyable Music | "Split” SR156

Type: mp3
Location: Italy / France
Date: 12/03/2017
Genre: industrial, cyberpunk, noise
Tracks: 9
Duration: 00:23:40
Section: Grey

Free download

Cyberpunk rust filled gut wrenching birth of asbestos ridden wires.

Plebs & Fuckboys | "SeenZone Blues” SR136

Type: m4a
Location: Waterloo, Ontario ( Canada ) / St.Croix, US Virgin Islands
Date: 26/01/2016 ( official release September 22, 2015 )
Genre: industrial, free instrumentals, spoken word, industrial beats, hip-hop, noise, cut-ups, dementia
Tracks: 18
Section: Grey

Free download

No information included. No explanation necessary. You won't remember forever. You can't hold on for long. Your name just a whisper when you go, who knows which one it really was. You can't be called anymore. You're not needed. Sinking, and with you the names you gave and had been.

"SeenZone Blues is the third album we've worked on together. This album explores the online world in more detail. If there was an overall theme to it, it would be our take on the absurdities of social media and an album dedicated to the various aspects of it. The term "SeenZone" itself is in relation to the friendzone, in that in this case, a person will often write a message to a friend or potential love interest, and only get a "seen at 3:05pm".

IznelavKcin | "Death and Destruction” SR131

Type: mp3
Location: U.S.A.
Date: 12/10/2015
Duration: a few painfully piercing minutes
Tracks: 9
Genre: noise, harsh noise
Section: Grey

Free download

Harsh noise degradation since 2013. 9 rotting noise tracks, including a Scapegoat cover.
"I like noises that are short and are sure to make your ears bleed. That's the noise I love to get, one that can pierce your ear, but then at some points have long ambient songs to relax your head after the ear fucking of harsh noise the listener was just put through. Whether its noise that blows your ear drum, or ambient sounds that could make your LSD trip better, I want to release pure noise with no fucks given."

(( Bohrer )) | "Smultronstallet” SR125

Type: wav
Location: Italy
Date: 25/06/2015
Duration: 00:11:14
Tracks: 1
Genre: noise, noise ambient, darkness abounding, the place where grey strawberries grow
Section: Grey

Free download

Un omaggio a Bergmann, per quanto questo sia possibile. L'obbiettivo è quello di riempire di rumori il silenzio del sogno bergmanniano, di dare ulteriore corpo alle angosce del suo protagonista, di rappresentare quella vita di indifferenza e affetti mancati che è già morte. Il risveglio dall'indifferenza resta tardivo: è un tenue bagliore destinato ad estinguersi rapidamente.

A tribute to Bergman, as far as possible. The purpose (of the track) is to fill the silence of the Bergmanian dream with noises, to add further substance to its protagonist's anguish, to represent that life (made) of indifference and failed affections which is already equivalent to death. The awakening from indifference remains belated: it's a tenuis glow meant to quickly extinguish.

F-Zero | "Lo Studio Del Rettile” SR124

Type: mp3 /wav
Location: Italy
Date: 12/06/2015
Duration: 01:00:20
Tracks: 4
Genre: ambient, conspiracy theories, noise, reptilian anatomical study, a monument to N.W.O.
Section: Gray

Free download

Lo studio del rettile, nasce dalla collaborazione con l'artista e amico Edoardo Tresoldi.
La musica rivista e modificata nasce come sonorizzazione dinamica dell'opera Reverse.

"The Study of the Reptile" was born from the collaboration with the artist and friend Edoardo Tresoldi.
The music, revisited and edited, originates from the dynamic sonorization of Reverse installation.

Proctophobic | "Greatest Hits” SR116

Type: mp3
Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: 08/01/2015
Tracks: 14
Genre: Grindcore/Noisecore/Slaughter: Violence, Drinking, Chaos, Satanism, Blasphemy, Weed and Iconoclastic Behaviour
Section: Grey

Free download

Released on Torn Flesh Records, December, 2013, this Greatest Hits contains tracks from "The Wriggling Crown", "Castrate The Sky", "Welcome To Nova Scotia", "Blasphemous Brutality", "Proctophobic / The Slow & The Courteous - SPLIT", and "The Smell Of Detritus". Proctophobic is an abhorrent coagulation of grindcore, black metal and gore. Proctophobic hails from the relatively obscure shanties of Cape Breton!

(( Bohrer )) | "Ripeto: La Guerra è Finita” SR114

Type: wav
Location: Italy
Date: 23/10/2014
Duration: 00:12:01
Tracks: 1
Genre: harsh noise, noise ambient
Section: Grey

Free download

“La guerra è finita” è il tentativo di proposizione dello spazio Europa e del tempo Guerra.??
Durante e dopo il massacro il suono dominante è quello che più si avvicina al silenzio stordente: prima le troppe grida assordanti e poi la collina ricoperta di croci bianche.?Anche le urla di gioia e la voce radiofonica di un noto ex-conduttore televisivo che ne annunciano la fine non possono che essere drenate del loro entusiasmo. Non c'è alcuna vittoria, solo una catasta di vite spezzate.

“The war is over” is the attempt to propose a “Europe” space and a “War” time.
During and after the massacre, the dominant sound is the one that is closest to the deafening silence: too many before the deafening shouts and then the hill covered with white crosses.
Even the screams of joy and the voice of a well known former television anchor on the radio announce the end. They can only be drained of their enthusiasm.
There is no victory, only a pile of broken lives.

IznelavKcin | "The Plan” SR113

Type: mp3
Location: U.S.A.
Date: 11/09/2014
Duration: 00:15:00
Tracks: XI
Genre: free improv / purity of sound / acoustic noise / fear / a new era of loneliness
Section: Grey

Free download

"The Plan is an album that musically shows emptiness and fear. The subtle, sometimes fast and low tone are there to give a feeling of loneliness. I wanted to create an album that would make you feel something rather than hear. This is a new era of IznelavKcin where the music is more than just a noise or a sound, but a feeling. And not a feeling of comfort, because that can be found anywhere and it's the feeling we all seek and sometimes never acquire. Feeling alone and scared is something that happens a lot; in which during we feel we want out but for some reason after it's all over, we cannot get the memory out of our head. The purpose of The Plan is to bring a new take of my music and not only make you feel alone with just the music, but to make you always remember it. Listen to the album and feel the fear. The fear of being where you are - alone."

The Sonny Bono | “Ruagne” SR107

Type: CD
Location: Italy
Date: 05/05/2014
Duration: 00:22:00
Track: 11
Genre: dark grime blackmetal, grind, crust power-violence punk from the wastelands
Section: Grey
Price: 4 € / Free download ( 4 tracks only preview )

CD ( 4 euros ) + Shipping

A town burnt by the sun, among the landfills and the sea. A place sheltered on rancor, making insinuation an antidote for boredom, and from ignorance a motionless bastion erected against any for of revolt. A panopticon of bigots, whose only for of pleasure is the pain they wish to their neighbors. A place where you can only get old, and die, while from the toxic waste the vineyards grow prosperous.

Un paese stinto dal sole, tra discarica e mare. Un posto arroccato sul rancore, che fa della maldicenza l'antidoto alla noia, e dell'ignoranza il baluardo immobile contro ogni sovvertimento.
Un panottico di benpensanti, che riservano al male del vicino l'unica forma superstite di godimento.
Un posto dove si può solo invecchiare e morire, mentre sui rifiuti tossici crescono floride, le vigne.

Released together with: Zas Autoproduzioni
No Tomorrow prods
Placenta Recordings
Shit Noise Records
Anarchotic Records

Our albums are under Creative Commons License.

Ranter's Bay | "While You Sleep" SR101

Type: Wav
Location: Italy/Spain
Date: 2012/13
Duration: 00:20:00
Tracks: 5
Genre: Experimental - Glitch - Field Recordings
Section: Gray

Free download

Registrato durante una residenza artistica nell'Alg-a lab di vigo, in Spagna, tra il 2012 e il 2013.
20 minuti di glitch, field recordings, microsuoni, frequenze, loop, umori e rumori creati e impastati per mezzo di laptop, cracklebox, microfoni a contatto ed effetti su oggetti e strumenti diy.

Recorded durirng an artistic residence in the Alg-a lab in Vigo, Spain, between 2012 and 2013.
20 minutes of glithces, field recordings, micro-sounds, frequencies, loops, moods and noises created and merged through laptop, cracklebox, pickups and effects on objects and diy instruments.

Sheeba Exp | "Walden Sessions" - SR099

Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2013
Duration: 00:10:00
Tracks: 4
Genre: Experimental - Ambient - Wandervogel - Through the Forest of Selves, The Inner You
Section: Gray

Free download

Il mini EP Walden Sessions si ispira liberamente alla poesia di Andrea Zanzotto, grande poeta sperimentale italiano. Il suo poetare si sviluppa seguendo procedimenti simili al sogno e all'inconscio,secondo una matrice ermetica. Seguendo questa linea, questo lavoro pone il problema della perdita dell'Essere in un contesto disumanizzato, Essere che deve essere recuperato in un luogo interno all'uomo stesso,luogo il più delle volte inaccessibile e latente.
L'album,di conseguenza, nasce e si sviluppa come "un metaforico attraversamento del bosco", come una ricerca del significato più autentico, disperso fra una miriade di significanti inautentici. Questo processo diventa possibile nel momento in cui l'IO accetta di raggiungere la LICHTUNG (radura),il cuore del bosco,il luogo dell'incontro e della compresenza tra luce ed oscurità, il luogo della rivelazione dell'essere,ben nascosto dalla foresta circostante.essa si configura come ambientazione originaria dove l'essere sgorga attraverso un cammino di interpretazione di sentieri, sentieri segnati da sbarramenti.proprio nell'istante in cui il sentiero si interrompe improvvisamente, ecco che si apre il cuore del bosco .La faglia,la linea di confine tra bosco e radura, è quindi il punto di incidenza in cui la verità si rivela.
Le 4 tracce dell'album sono perciò configurate come un percorso oscuro che però lascia spazio ad una possibilità di trovare il luogo della matrice, dove anche l'insignificante inizia ad avere un senso. Il rapporto con la natura diventa quindi necessario per il ritrovamento della presenza perduta, fondamentale nel suo apporto circostanziale, figurativo e misterioso.
La riduzione dei tratti formali del suono e la sua abbreviazione a superfici minime garantisce l'individuazione del senso, senso che viene concepito come suggestiva pre-espressione, come un darsi incondizionato verso il mondo. La musica assume allora una funzione del tutto particolare di investigazione: il suono deve condurre verso il luogo intatto che ogni uomo ha dentro di sé.

Indn War Drums + Gooze | "Lost In The Wilderness" - SR092

Type: mp3
Location: Italy/Canada
Date: 2013
Duration: 00:30:09
Tracks: 2
Genre: Free form - Radical improvisation - Loneliness
Section: Gray

Free download

Lost in the Wilderness is losing yourself in the wild nature, in its emotions, and tribalism, a sense of sublime as in the arts, a sense of greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation. An album by two self confessed agoraphobic.

Dog Star Man | “Disco After Disco” SR065

Type: mp3
Location: Italy
Date: 2012
Duration: 00:28:00
Tracks: 7
Genre: digital textures
Section: Gray

Free download

Third installment by Dog Star Man, clean textures of digital beats/synths.

"Disco After Disco" è il terzo lavoro definito di Dog Star Man. Sette tracce che approfondiscono il suo percorso elettronico ammiccando a funk, dub-mixing ed in generale al downtempo. Bananas, divergendo, fa in qualche modo da ponte tra "Untitled" (2011) e quest'ultimo lavoro.